• Duck Foot® Self Drill Plasterboard Fixing Anchor

Anyone can do it.

Just drill the hole, push it in and attach the item. It's so easy to install even a not so handy man or women can do it. 

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We say no!! to special tools.

Duck Foot® is self drilling and self expanding. The only thing you need during installation is a screw driver with a bit holder. The way it should be ;)

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You don't need a stronger anchor.

A single Duck Foot® anchor holds up to 50 kg in weight. It's a lot! The more anchors you use, the stronger it gets ;)

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Finalist of the Alfred Nobel SKAPA award.

"plaster is a very porous material and todays methods for attaching heavy items on plasterboards are time consuming. By using Lucas Lind and Magnus Liljenfeldts fixing you simplify the work, save time and reduce the impact on the plasterboard during disassembly" - The jury